Which Neighborhoods Did Not Flood in Houston During Hurricane Harvey?

Just up late tonight thinking about the damage that Hurricane Harvey caused that is wide spread across the Houston area and wondering which neighborhoods drained well or did not flood at all. I am not sure how many people this post will reach because I do not blog enough to get love from Google or other search engines. So if you happen to come across this blog and you live in the Greater Houston area please add your neighborhood/subdivision to the comment section if your neighborhood/subdivision did not flood.

I will start with a few subdivisions that I know did not suffer any damage from Mr. Hurricane Harvey who decided to wreak havoc throughout the Greater Houston area. The subdivision Fountainhead Village located south of FM 1960 W and west of Veterans Memorial/Stuebner Airline did not suffer any flood damage from water entering the homes. I am pretty sure that Greenwood Forest subdivision which is next to Fountainhead Village did not flood either.

Once again, please add you subdivision below so that I may write a follow-up blog to this one to make a list of subdivision that did not flood during the worst Hurricane to hit the area since Hurricane Allison and Hurricane Ike.


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