The Tale of Two Houston Home Sellers

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One year two homeowners decided to sell their Houston homes. The homeowners lived in the same neighborhood with homes that had identical floor plans. They spoke with each other about where they were planning on moving and how long they thought it would take to sell both homes. It was the end of the school year and just before the summer. One of them was moving due to a job promotion the other was moving to downsize.

The first homeowner’s home had several upgrades including granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, custom floor tile and some custom painting. The second homeowner’s home had Formica countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms, neutral floor tile and one neutral color throughout. They hired Real Estate Agents /Realtors from different real estate firms.  Both homes were listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

The first homeowner hired an agent from a national real estate firm. The second homeowner hired an agent with a local independent firm. One home sold within 30 days while the other home listed expired after being on the market for six months (in a soft market).

Which home do you think sold?

The second homeowner’s home sold while the first homeowner’s home listing expired. The first homeowner eventually re-listed the home and it sold after some adjustments.

What do you think made the difference?

The difference was the price, curb appeal, and the marketing. One home had all the upgrades and, therefore, should have demanded a higher price, however, the buyers could not see passed the custom paint. The other home was clean with new neutral carpet and neutral paint. The buyers purchased the home because they could see themselves moving in and customizing the home to their own taste.

Both agents took great pictures of the Houston homes for sale, both homes showed well, however, the home that was priced close to other homes in the neighborhood that sold in the previous six months sold. The other home had all the bells and whistles, however, it was overpriced and did not sell.

Which agent do you think has the better business…the agent who works for the national real estate firm or the agent that has the best marketing?

Successful agents know that preparing the home to show its best, using the right marketing strategies and pricing the home at the right price are the keys to selling a home.

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