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Sell Our Houston Home

5 Step Home Selling System

Selling a home is not always a stress-free task to accomplish. A select few homes sell faster than others for apparent reasons, while others sit on the market and develop astigmatism for reasons unknown. Our five step home selling system will place you on the right track to selling your home. Our system was implemented to provide homeowners a proven method to prepare their homes for sale by pricing it effectively to compete and getting the word to the ears and eyes of as many prospective buyers as possible.

  1. Price –What is your home worth? Price it right the first time.

Pricing your home competitively in the Houston Market is an essential step in selling your home, however, when it comes to pricing the majority of people are unrealistic about the value of their home for sentimental reasons or desire to ensure they receive every penny back that they invested in the home. The truth of the matter is your home will sell for what it is worth and most of the time that is what the market dictates.

It has been documented that an overpriced home takes longer to sell. Typically, the overpriced home ends up selling for less than it should have if it were priced correctly in the first place. The vast majority of homes showing occur during the first 30 days of being listed on the market. This is a crucial time frame and your initial listed value must meet home buyer expectations. Our agents are trained to use our local database effectively to accurately determine what your home is worth and price your home within the optimal range.  Request a detailed market analysis of your home.

  1. Condition – Is your home in excellent health? Start dieting by removing clutter.

The condition of your home may be acceptable in your eyes, however, in the eyes of the home buyer’s and their Home Inspector the property may be out of shape with health issues. It is imperative that your home is exercised into tip top shape before you contemplate placing it on the market. Our agents will assist you in identifying and prioritizing improvements and repairs.  We will help you to present your home as mean, lean with physically appealing curb appeal and natural beauty from the inside-out.

  1. Market

Marketing your home in today’s real estate environment is more than placing a sign in the front yard with home flyers in an infotube.  The internet and all the information online have sped up the world and it is getting faster every day. You need a company that keeps up with ever-changing technology to benefit you while selling your home.  Thus, the reason we create marketing content online to attract buyers for your home.  If you are reading this page it means we have attracted you, the homeowner through our marketing efforts. Our reach online is extensive due to investing heavily in web traffic through the use of this website, social networking, email and direct and print campaigns which are not as effective as they once were. Ideal buyers are waiting to purchase a home, hire us and we will help you to identify those buyers and implement a strategy to place your home in front of them.  Feel free to call, email or text us at the number above today.

  1. Negotiate – Make it a win-win!

Navigating through the negotiating process is not as laid-back as navigating a boat or car. It takes talent and a little luck to make it happen smoothly with fewer bumps in the road. Usually, after you receive an offer to purchase your home the negotiation process has begun, but it doesn’t end with the initial back and forward price war. It truly begins after the buyer has received their new negotiation tool which is …you guessed it, the “Home Inspection Report”. The purpose of the Home Inspection Report is to point out issues of concern that may need to be addressed and should not be used as a negotiation tool, however, today it is the chief negotiation tool.  Which takes us back to number 2 above, if your home is healthy, home buyers cannot use the home inspection report for negotiation.  Our agents are experienced negotiators who will represent your best interest by focusing on top priorities to ensure you receive the best terms, fewer repairs and less out of pocket costs.  During the negotiation process, we focus on keeping emotions under control rather than the typical all or nothing or winner take all approach.

  1. Closing- Give up the keys!

Closing is the day all homeowners offering their home for sale envision. Whether you are selling your home because of a job transfer, you have outgrown it or you are downsizing, we work with you until the day it closes and funds at a Title Company. While your home is on the market we will send you weekly updates showing the number of online views your home has received. In addition, you will have access to feedback provided by Agents showing homes to buyers. Furthermore, we will attempt to keep you abreast of your competition by setting up a profile on our website to send you listing alerts when similar homes come on the market in your neighborhood.  When you finish steps 1 thru 4 we are here helping you complete the final lap and close on your home. GITTER DONE!