Getting Over The Emotions of Selling Your Beloved Old Home

Selling your Houston home can take a toll on your emotions at the same time it can be exciting looking forward to a new beginning at a new home. Some people consider moving out of their old home as moving on to the next chapter in their life. We will explore some of the emotions homeowners go through before selling their home and how to transition from the home belonging to them to being an active house on the market.

What are some of the emotions?

  • Maybe this is your first home and your kids have good friends and have grown up here.Houston homeowner thinking of selling a home
  • Maybe you feel anxious and depressed at other times from thinking about the good memories you made at your home.
  • Maybe you cry about just the idea of moving out your home of several years.
  • Maybe you are moving because of a job transfer or marital problem
  • Maybe you have neighbors that you love and would hate to leave or…
  • Maybe you have neighbors that make you want to sell your home as soon as possible

There are a number of emotions and scenarios that you go through as a homeowner preparing to sell your home in the Houston area but the one thing you must remember is you are selling your home for a reason. The reason or reasons you are selling your home will help you to focus on transitioning to a new home or shall we say your next chapter.

The best way to move past the emotions of selling your old home is to take multiple pictures of your home before you sell it. Take pictures of the bedrooms, bathrooms, the family room, the dinner table where you ate great family meals and anything you can think of that made your home special to you. After taking those pictures either print them out and put them in a box or save them to a thumb drive to look at later when you are in your new home.This helps to compartmentalize your old home into your memory banks and move on.

Transitioning from owning to selling

The first thing to remember when selling your home is to become used to the idea of the home not being your home anymore. The first day you place your home on the market it is no longer yours. Next, think about preparing the house to look like it is no longer your home so that future home buyers looking to purchase a home can see themselves living there.

Transitioning also means taking into account, you must depersonalize your home which can be emotional. Remember earlier in this post, it was mentioned to take pictures of your home and everything that was special to you… well that was to prepare you for taking down personal family photos, rearranging furniture, adding some neutral color paint that is different than your current colors.

Consequently, you must also rid your home of clutter and perhaps put some of your prized possessions away in storage. By ridding your home of the clutter, adding some fresh neutral color paint and rearranging furniture it is now time to take photos of the house that is no longer your home.

You can now prepare to list your home with an agent and they will be able to take photos of a house that will be placed on the market that looks like a model home. Buyers do not like to look at pictures of homes with other people’s personal items. It is not a lack of vision on the buyer’s part, but a vision of seeing themselves in their new home that keeps them from looking at your home that is still personalized for you. The last thing you want when selling your old home is to make people feel uncomfortable viewing your home online. If a buyer doesn’t like what they see online then most likely they will not schedule a visit to see your home.

Remember, it is emotional to sell a home and tucking those feelings away can help you to sell your home faster.

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