3 Reasons Why Houston Home Sellers Should Leave Their Homes Before A Showing

First of all selling your Houston area home can be stressful. You have to prepare the home for showings and sometimes clean and tidy up the place several times a day especially if you have daily family activity in your home.

If you do not want to add more stress to selling your home just look at it from a prospective home buyers point of view. Once you put yourself in their shoes you will immediately understand why you as a home seller should leave your home when there is a scheduled showing. There are three reasons:

Houston home for sale

Sellers should leave their homes for Buyers to view comfortably

Reason # 1. The Home Seller Could Give Up Valuable Information

Most Buyer Agents are uncomfortable when the home sellers are present, but the clever Buyers Agent will find a way to solicit information from an unsuspecting seller and perhaps gain the upper hand if the buyers decide to submit an offer.

The clever agent will ask some of the same questions the listing agent asked the sellers when listing their home.

Questions such as:

How soon are you looking to sell your home? Have you already purchased another home? This is a lovely home, may I ask why you are selling it?


The answer to any questions asked will give the Buyer’s Agent an idea of which approach to take when writing the offer on your home. This could put an unsuspecting home seller at a disadvantage. Most Listing Agents instruct their sellers to leave their homes for this very reason alone not to mention other reasons.

Reason #2. Buyers spend less time viewing your home

Putting yourself in the home buyers shoes… would you like for someone to seem as if they are watching your every move and eavesdropping on your private conversation? By the sellers being present, most buyers will feel rushed to look at a home and will not spend nearly as much time as they would have if you the seller were not present. They would probably take a more thorough look. The longer a buyer stays in a home and talks to their agent about certain aspects of the home the more likely they will make mental notes that lead to them deciding to purchase your home. They will even put a check mark by your home to note a possible match for them and want to view it again at a later date.

If the buyers schedule a second showing they are usually very interested in your home and are envisioning where their furniture would go by bringing a measuring tape to see where the furniture would fit. So it would be in a seller’s best interest to stay away while the buyers are viewing their home.

Reason #3. The Seller may become offended

Some sellers end up being present while there is a showing on their home for various reasons. The seller may be in the middle of tidying the place up when the scheduled showing arrives early and the buyer’s agent and buyers are at the door. After you let them in your home the last thing you the home seller want to hear about your lovely home that you love so much and have been living there for years is a buyer speaking negatively.

Some buyers do not care if the sellers are present and will speak their minds. You as the home seller may become offended and try to defend your home if you hear such remarks as…the carpet is hideous or why did they put that color on the wall that doesn’t match the floor tile? or That is ugly paint, carpet, cabinets, tile, bathroom, master bedroom, dining room etc…

You would not be offended if you were not at home. You would not have told the buyers that you didn’t care if they bought your home or not if you were not at home. You wouldn’t have called your Realtor to discuss what happened when the buyers talked about your home if you were not present. Remember, once you list your home for sale you should look at it as if it no longer belongs to you. Detach yourself from the home.

If you are a Houston home seller that would like to be present when your home is being shown because you are worried about your valuables or anything else coming up missing…put your valuables away under lock and key. To put your mind at ease, most agents have been working with the buyers they bring to your home so they will have the buyers identities.¬† Selling Houston real estate has become so advanced now that tracking which agent visited your home can be done over the Internet. If not done over the Internet most companies keep a log of agents who have scheduled showings of your home.

I hope the above reasons will help you to at least think about leaving your home when a showing is scheduled. The majority of Houston Realtors do a fine job when selling Houston homes for sale and representing home buyers and sellers.




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